UN 4GV Variation 2 Shipping System Box Kits

Item #: v1118H01


Product Information

UN 4GV Variation 2 Shipping System Box Kits

Ship various Group 1, 2, or 3 hazardous materials by air*, land, or sea! These UN certified 4GV Variation 2 Super Packs meet all requirements for DOT CFR 178.601 and IATA Section Shipper must use vermiculite packaging material in specified amounts for each item number. Vermiculite is NOT included. The markings on the box include the UN numbers with lab certification number, up arrows, this side up markings on top, and a statement printed on one of the panels regarding the variation packaging. Packing list includes instructions as to the maximum weight applicable for each size along with the vermiculite spacing requirements. All markings on the box along with the packaging information in the packing instructions are necessary for proper shipping. Each packaging unit includes: 4GV box, polyethylene bag and bag tie, box closure tape

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 10 days.