UN 4G Hazmat Corrugated Shipping Systems for 4 liter Natural HDPE Bottles (Sample) - 3133B01NAT-SAM

Item #: 3133B01NAT-SAM


Product Information

UN 4G Hazmat Corrugated Shipping Systems for 4 liter Natural Bottles w/ White Cap

The 4 liter bottle included in this shipping system is used in a wide variety of applications including: Electronic Chemical, Laboratory Chemical, and Specialty Chemical industries. This natural colored bottle allows you to easily see the bottle's contents and is designed for high purity applications where particle contamination requirements are high. Engineered to solve or eliminate the most common container problems such as particle contamination, precleanings, stress fractures, and to provide superior closure seal. Ergonomic handle allows for easy transportation and dispensing. Recommended for ground, air and sea shipments.

UN Certified Packaging

U.N. Markings 4G/X23.2/S for Packing Group I chemicals. UN Markings 4G/Y33.8/S for Packing Group II and III chemicals. Used for packaging acid, alkaline and solvent hazardous chemicals having a specific gravity of 1.84 or less. The Beta Bottle can be used for liquid or solid contents (such as powders and crystals). Product is packed with a standard white lined polypropylene cap to maintain "Certified Clean" integrity. Standard neck finish is 38-439. Made in the USA.

Acceptable for:

  • Packging Group I - Great Danger
  • Packging Group II - Medium Danger
  • Packging Group III - Minor Danger

This UN Certified Product is certified with a UN Rating that applies to the product sold as a complete system. Changing any piece of this system will require the packaging to be recertified. Product is purchased by the case. Each case = 1 UN Certified Shipping System that includes 4 bottles, 4 caps, and box.