Supply Agreements

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Freund Container & Supply has been proudly serving customers of all sizes since 1938, and we take great satisfaction in being not only your packaging supplier, but also your packaging partner.  It is our goal to help your business run smoothly and cost effectively. 


What is a Supply Agreement?

A supply agreement is a mutually agreed upon price for predesignated goods and services to be rendered for a specified length of time. 


Price Stability

In today’s market, packaging prices can change in a moment’s notice.  This can have a negative impact on your ability to meet your financial objectives. If you are a business customer who purchases containers on a regular basis, we may be able to offer a supply agreement for your most frequently purchased items.  Our team will work with you to understand your demand cycle and offer you pricing based on your volume and purchase frequency.


Improved In-Stock Rate

A supply agreement not only allows you to improve your financial planning, but can help us to improve the in-stock status of your containers.  Once we have performed a needs assessment and understand the projected quantity and frequency of your orders, our supply team can better align our inventory with your business demands.  You can also place advance orders so that your inventory will be in stock, right when you need it.

If you’re looking for set pricing that you can count on and improved in-stock levels, then a supply agreement may be right for you. 


What If My Business Grows?

It is our goal to help drive the bottom line for our customers.  When your business starts to boom and your volume increases, we will be happy to review your account and see how we can make you even more profitable.


How Do I Get Started?

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