What’s New in Child-Resistant Packaging?

Posted by Celeste O. on Apr 17th 2017

With new Federal regulations now in effect, child-resistant packaging is in high demand. Freund is here to help you navigate through your options. We have an ever growing selection of child-resistant solutions for emerging markets such as e-juice.

Child-Resistant Dropper Bottle

Child-Resistant Glass Dropper Bottles

A staple to our product line, 0.5 oz Glass Boston Round Child-Resistant Dropper Bottles - available in amber and clear - are approved as poison prevention packaging under CPSC regulations (16CFR parts 1700/15 and 1700.20). The combination of dropper and cap were evaluated using CPSC protocol and standards. Our glass Boston Round Child-Resistant Dropper Bottles include a letter of certification with your shipment.

Child-Resistant Plastic Dropper Bottles

Purple Child Resistant Dropper Bottle

Child-Resistant PET Dropper Bottles

New to our product offering, we are now carrying 1 oz PET plastic Boston Round bottles with child-resistant dropper caps. Our dropper caps have been tested according to the Poison Prevention Act Standard 1700.20. These 1 oz PET bottles are available in four colors: amber, blue, clear, and green. Bottles include a black PP child-resistant dropper with 2.6” glass pipette. Please note, in order to comply with child-resistant packaging laws, these droppers also must be tested with the bottle to ensure performance.

Fine Tip Dropper Bottle with Red Cap

Child-Resistant LDPE Dropper Bottles

Our most economical choice in child-resistant dropper bottles, our LDPE bottles feature fine tip droppers. This LDPE dropper tip is designed specifically for use in filling and refilling e-cigarette cartridges and tanks with uncontrolled drops. LDPE dropper bottles include child-resistant polypropylene (PP) SecureCaps™ that require a two-piece push and turn motion to open. The SecureCaps™meet CPSC Protocol Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for the Poison Prevention Act 1700.2.

FunkSac Child-Resistant Bags

FunkSac® Child-Resistant Bags

Freund is proud to carry FunkSac® FunkGuard™ products. These child-resistant and recloseable bags serve as a take home package from caregiver to patient. The Funksac® solves the challenge of keeping the contents secure and safe from children while meeting state and federal child resistance laws. By popular demand, we are now offering the FunkSac® in a smaller size. The black FunkSac® Funkguard™ Exit Bag measures 9.5” wide x 6” tall. This opaque bag provides an odor and moisture barrier to protect the contents inside. Decorating options are available – ask us how!

Have no fear – the FunkGuard™ XL is still available! This 12.4” x 9” bag features a 3” gusseted bottom and is silver and white in color. Both FunkSac® bags have child-resistant zipper closures that require a push/pull motion to open, which is difficult for children. The child-resistant and senior friendly bags meets the effectiveness criteria as defined in 16 CFR-1700.20 - Poison Prevention Packaging.

Flipz Child-Resistant Jars

Flipz™Child-Resistant Jars

Flipz™ Jars are a new and innovative way to store your medication. These opaque air-tight, moisture-proof containers are made with medical grade polypropylene. Flipz™ jars pop open when squeezed on both sides to allow access to the contents inside of the jar. When you need to reseal the jar, simply click the hinged lid back into place. Flipz™ are available in green or black and in four sizes: 11 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram, or 83 dram.

Sealz Child-Resistant Jars

Sealz™ Child-Resistant Airtight Jars

Sealz™ jars offer push and turn child resistance, similar to medicinal jars you find in pharmacies. These black plastic jars are opaque and designed to protect the contents from harmful UV light. Sealz™ jars are made with medical grade polypropylene and are available in a variety of sizes: 13 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram, or 60 dram. Seals jars are ASTM D 3475 certified to CFR Title 16 Part 1700.20 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

CoolJarz Lockable Air Tight Jars

CoolJarz™ Lockable Child-Resistant Jars

When only the ultimate in child-resistant packaging will do – enter CoolJarz™! These airtight jars aren’t only child-resistant, they are adult and teen resistant, too. CoolJarz™ do double duty in offering peace of mind and child resistance. CoolJarz™ feature a clear jar with a black push and turn child-resistant cap. This clear jar then locks into a white opaque sleeve – keeping your contents secure and private. The inner jar is only released when unlocked with the included key (ASTM D 3475 certification CFR Title 16 Part 1700.20). Now that’s what we call a cool jar!

Tell us what you think! What child-resistant packaging would you like to see us offer?