New Arrivals Cosmetic Containers

Grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, and get ready to spice things up with new cosmetic containers from Freund! We know what you’ve been looking for, and we are up the challenge to be the One Stop Container Shop – for all of your health, beauty, and cosmetic containers.

One-Touch Dispensing Bottle

When it comes to dispensing liquids like make-up remover or acetone, you want cosmetic containers that are quick, easy, and keep things neat and clean...and our one-touch dispensing bottle delivers! This 5 oz bottle is available in natural colored polypropylene (PP) plastic and features a locking flip top cap. Gently push down on the disc dispenser and your product will rise to the surface instantly allowing you to collect it on a cotton ball or pad. When not in use, the pump locks in the up position.

Lip Stick Tube

Joining our lip gloss tubeslip balm tubes and filling trays, we now stock lip stick tubes! These designer tubes sport a slim design with a metal shell and cap. A silver metal band marks the split between the tube and the cap. The plastic inner tube can be twisted to extend and retract the product inside and features the classic angled lip stick applicator shape.

Mascara Tube

This clear tube allows you to see the contents as you fill, to avoid the mess of over filling. Each mascara tube includes a clear tube, black wiper, black cap, and a black thick bristle wand brush. Your customers will love the thick lush brush that is included with the tube. This style brush is designed to give natural, lush lashes and offer both coverage and length. The brush works at any angle, letting you get to even the hardest to reach lashes. The included wiper clears any excess mascara when the brush is removed from the tube, allowing just the right amount left on the brush for flawless application.

Cosmetic Containers Go Green!

Green Glass Dropper Bottle

Our 4 oz green glass Boston Round dropper bottle is a functional and beautiful container to house your liquid cosmetics, essential oils, and aromatherapy products. The unique color and high quality glass construction is bound to impress and give your products a high-end appeal. The glass pipette dropper includes a black polypropylene cap. 

Green Plastic Straight Sided Jars

Looking for a jar with the appearance of glass, but with the strength of plastic? Look no further than our green PET plastic straight sided jars. These durable, impact resistant jars are perfect for personal care products such as bath salts, creams and balms. The green color even offers partial UV resistance to the product housed inside. Our green PET jars feature black polypropylene caps and are available in 4 sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, or 32 oz.

What are we missing? Let us know what you'd like to see added to our selection.