Case Packed or Bulk Packed Containers – Which is right for your business?

Posted by Kristi F. on Apr 17th 2017

At Freund, we proudly serve customers of all sizes. Often, that means an entrepreneur working out of her home or a startup purchasing containers in small quantities. For larger customers, this may mean buying multiple cases or pallets of our products. If you’re in the latter group, then you should know the difference between purchasing our case packed containers vs. purchasing our bulk packed containers.

So, what exactly is the difference between buying a pallet of case packed containers vs. buying a pallet of bulk packed containers? The answer is in the outer packaging.


Case packed containers arrive in a high quality, reusable reshipper box. They are perfect for storing your pre- or post-filled containers, or for reshipping products to your customers. It’s packaging for your packaging! Our reshipper boxes include protective internal dividers to cushion contents and prevent breakage during shipment.

When you purchase a pallet of case packed containers, the reshipper boxes will be stacked on a pallet and shrink wrapped for shipment.

Box-Case-Pallet Graphic


Bulk packed containers do not come in reshipper boxes. Instead, they are are placed on cardboard trays which are then stacked in layers on a pallet. The whole pallet is then shrink wrapped tightly, to prevent the containers from moving and breaking. Once in your production environment, the cardboard trays can be quickly and easily moved from the pallet to your filling equipment. Additionally, due to efficiencies in packing and shipping, we are able to provide savings of up to 58% on bulk packed containers.

Bottle - Pallet Graphic


Case Packed Bulk Packed
You use boxes to store or reship your product to customers. You do not use boxes to store or reship your product to customers.
You purchase in quantities less than a pallet. You are purchasing in pallet quantities.
You are in an environment where unpacking empty containers does not affect your production process. You are in a filling environment where unpacking the empty containers from a box would increase labor and production downtime.

Reshipper Box with Bottles and DividersBottles Shrink Wrapped on Pallet

Case packed or bulk packed, whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting high quality products at a great value.