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Posted by Celeste Osborne on Jan 16th 2018

Freund’s Custom Label Service Available to Berlin Business Units

Freund Container now offers the ability to create customizable sheet labels to transform your customer’s packaging into their brand. Our custom labels have created added value for existing Freund customers and have proven a strong customer acquisition tool to our newly designed website. We would like to extend our custom label program to all Berlin business units to help you better serve your customers.

What types of Berlin customers might benefit from Freund’s custom label program?

  • Start-up companies
  • Small order runs, one-off products or product tests
  • Decoration supplementation to help your customer with quick decoration assistance while their decorators or machines are being finalized.

Our labels are the best quality in the marketplace and do not tear if removal/reapplication is needed.

Heritage Beer Bottle with Sample Label

  • Durable and easy to use peel & stick vinyl labels are resistant to fading, water, and UV rays
  • Labels sold by the sheet – roll labels coming soon!
  • Fully customizable - currently 26 label shapes and sizes available; 27 colors, 21 fonts with the option to upload your own custom design
  • Labels are recyclable and meet all safety/environmental quality standards in the US & Europe

Honey Jar with Sample Lid Label

Tamper-Evident Strips

  • Pre-cut peel & stick strips with difficult to remove permanent adhesive - paper tears when removed providing additional tamper-evidence
  • Customize with text only, icon only, or text + icon; 53 colors, 17 fonts, and over 900 icons available
  • Available in two sizes: 8" or 11" lengths which can be cut down to a specific length if desired
  • 8" strips include 22 strips per sheet
  • 11" strips include 17 labels per sheet

Earth Luxe Product Image

The Power of the Program – Customer Thrill

Our custom labels were tested and tried by Berliner Jennifer Hoerner in Buffalo, NY. Due to an equipment break down Jennifer's customer, Earth Luxe, needed labels urgently for their largest trade show of the year.  Jennifer was able to create two custom labels directly on the Freund website.  Selecting expedited shipping, Jennifer received her order of 400 labels within 36 hours of placing the order.  Both Jennifer and her customer agreed that the label quality was impressive and the labels were easy to work with.  Now that's Customer Thrill! 

Flora Vega Product Image with Label

Joe Krzyzewski of the Freund sales team hit it out of the park with an order for over 50k tamper-evident strips for Flora Vega, a cannabis grower in Las Vegas, NV. For this high-volume order, we were able to offer a custom made 4” label. By ordering in bulk this customer received a fully customized product and saved 82%! This order showed us the power of the program for both small and large enterprises. 

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