Multi-Site Warehousing


Shipping from Illinois, Nevada and Georgia


Freund Container & Supply is proud to maintain 230,000 square feet of space in three strategically placed warehouses across the United States.  With warehouses operating in the Midwest, West Coast and Southeast, we’re able to keep the products you need nearby, in-stock and ready to ship quickly at a reduced freight cost. 


With the ability to ship from multiple warehouses, we can ship from the closest warehouse for reduced shipping costs and shorter transit times.  Additionally, with more warehouses, we also have more items in stock and ready to ship. 


Midwest: Streator, IL

With over 140,000 square feet of space, Streator is the largest of our three warehouses.  Our Midwest warehouse is optimally located to serve our East Coast and Midwest customers and subsequently ships the highest volume with incredible speed, accuracy and care. 

Streator, IL Address
Eagle Point Business Center
1453 East IL RT 18
Streator, IL 61364


West Coast: Sparks, NV

Located near Reno and positioned to serve our West Coast and Mountain States, the Sparks, NV warehouse boasts 50,000 square feet to keep our most popular items in-stock every day. 

Sparks, NV Address
1385 Greg Street
Sparks, NV 89431


Southeast: Atlanta, GA

Our newest warehouse represents our significant investment in serving customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Perfectly positioned to serve the Southeast, the Atlanta warehouse opened in early 2016 and has 40,000 square feet of space with products ready to ship.

Atlanta, GA Address 
4125 Welcome All Road
Suite 155
Atlanta, GA 30349