Legacy 8 oz Mason Jars (Gold Vacuum Seal Lid) - 6700B01

Item #: 6700B01


Product Information

Legacy 8 oz Mason Jars with Gold Vacuum Seal Lids - Regular Mouth

A Freund Exclusive! Half Pint (8oz) Legacy Mason Jars deliver superior quality and performance at an unbeatable low price. Legacy half pint Mason Jars are ideal for jams, jellies, fruit syrups and chutneys. Legacy delivers amazing glass quality, rich "heritage" embossing, and attention to detail. All are features sure to embellish your finished product while grabbing attention. The 8oz Legacy canning jars have two smooth sides on each jar (no embossing or raised surfaces), allowing you to apply brand and ingredient labels. Resulting in the best of both worlds: rich heritage design details and brand control! Jars include a two-piece gold vacuum seal lid that locks in freshness. Jars and lids included.