GreatFunnel 48 oz Green PE Plastic Flexible Store-N-Pour Funnels - GF1007

Item #: GF1007


Product Information

GreatFunnel system prevents dirt, dust and other contaminants from collecting on the inside funnel wall and eliminates the need for cleaning before use. Standard, screw-on caps seal out harmful contaminants that cause damage to mechanical systems. After use, the caps also keep residue from leaking onto workbenches or storage surfaces. GreatFunnel Solves Fluid Handling Problems. Keeps fluids clean. Helps prevent mechanical damage. Eliminates messy funnel storage. A funnel for every use. Saves labor, time and money. GreatFunnel uses standard caps for easy replacement. 4" funnel opening diameter. 0.75" spout tip diameter. Funnels are not manufactured with FDA approved resin.