FunkSac FunkGuard Black Child-Resistant Bags - 1001Z03

Item #: 1001Z03


Product Information

FunkSac FunkGuard Black Child-Resistant Bags

The FunkSac FunkGuard Bag is an opaque heavy-duty, tear resistant reclosable pouch. This pouch is made with a tear resistant material that creates an odor and moisture barrier. The FunkSac is heat sealable and resealable and includes a hole for hanging.


FunkGuard solves the challenge of keeping your contents secure and safe from children while meeting state and federal child-resistant laws. The child-resistant white zipper closure requires a push/pull motion to open, which is difficult for children. The child-resistant and senior friendly bag meets the effectiveness criteria as defined in 16 CFR-1700.20 - Poison Prevention Packaging. Designed to ASTM D3475 Standards and compliant to MMRP-SOR/2013-119 (Set by Health Canada).

Decoration options available, ask us how!