Epoxy Lined Steel Paint Cans with Plug Lid

Item #: v1800T29


Product Information

Epoxy Lined Steel Paint Cans with Plug Lid

Epoxy Lined Metal Paint Cans With Lid provided create a turn-key & rugged package.  Paint cans are durable, yet affordable packaging solutions for commercial and industrial products.  Epoxy lined paint cans are suitable for most latex or water based paints, but can be used to house a variety of products such as coatings, adhesives and other viscous products. Epoxy lining in paint cans is not FDA approved. Lid sold separately.  Choose your paint can from these sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 16 oz (pint), 32 oz (quart), 128 oz (1 gallon) and 160 oz (1.25 gallon).  Paint cans in this family don't have bale wire handles.  

It is the buyer's responsibility to select the proper lining/container for the contained substance.