Enpac Ensorb Universal Sorbent Pads

Item #: v1333T01


Product Information

Enpac Ensorb Universal Sorbent Pads

Ensorb natural sorbents are manufactured using highly absorbent, natural renewable-resource fibers. Constructed from a single layer of extremely fine natural fibers that are point-bonded together. Proprietary chemical additives maximize and enhance the fibers water repulsion, flame resistance (equal to or better than polypropylene), and resistance to microbes. Ensorb is manufactured with largely American grown renewable resources. Gray Universal sorbents are highly versatile and used in most industries. Bonded for added strength and durability, universal sorbents are a great choice for absorbing a wide range of fluids. Universal sorbents will absorb both water and oil-based liquids. Capacity: 31 gal/200 pads.

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