Dropper Bottles & Vials

Whether you're mixing your own oils for a home business or distributing food coloring across the globe, Freund's wholesale glass dropper vials provide the durability and performance you - and your customers - need. We stock sizes ranging from 0.5 ounces to 7.4 ml and both clear and amber glass colors.

Our glass applicator vials feature a variety of dropper caps, including black unlined polypropylene caps with glass droppers and black unlined polypropylene caps with rod applicators. These droppers make the dispensing of small amounts of oil or liquid a breeze. Each drop from our glass dropper bottles is applied with precision!

Freund offers fantastic wholesale and volume pricing on larger orders of glass dropper bottles. If you're looking to stock up on dropper vials for your business, partnering with us is the best way to meet your goals. Shop our selection of today and take advantage of our decades of industry expertise and service.