Novelty Tins

Novelty tins present a unique and decorative way to present your product, gifts, foodstuffs and more. From tea to popcorn, tins maintain a tight seal to keep contents fresh and secure. Freund’s supply of decorative tins includes popular favorites such as cookie tins, holiday tins, and includes shapes from oblong tins to round tins.

In a range of capacities from small tins that hold less than an ounce up to large, 6 gallon tins, pack, store or ship your goods knowing they’ll arrive safely at their destination. Whether you’re looking for cap styles including plug caps, slip covers and slide tops, we’ve got the tin for you. Choose from solid colors, or shop a number of decorative options, including thank you tins, wintery holiday scenes, colorful fiesta tins, Easter themed tins, and more. Shop Freund Container and Supply for your novelty and decorative tins today.