Glass Jars

Freund Container carries more than 1,500 glass jars in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. From blue to amber to green, we have the colors you are looking for. We also carry specific use jars such as mason jars from popular brands like Ball Mason for canning, glass spice jars, glass honey jars[EB3] , and glass lab and science jars. Looking for unique shapes? We offer straight-sided and square jars, too.

Glass jars are easily recyclable and glass is inert so it effortlessly preserves the purity & freshness of your contents. Scientifically proven to increase the perceived value of your product, glass jars preserve flavors and scents and contents taste better than in any other container material. They also offer large label panels  for decoration and large openings for easy removal of contents.

From 1 oz. to 128 oz., our glass jars can hold just about any amount of material you need. We can source jars with unique capacities, too. From swing-top bale wire tops to cork or threaded lids, you can seal your glass jar selection in style. Freund offers a wide variety of caps and closures within our glass jar collection. Freund Container proudly offers the industry's only "Lowest Price Guarantee"  and we ship quickly and reliably, every time. Order your wholesale glass jars and let us help you grow your business.