Steel Drums

Metal Drums & barrels store bulk amounts of lubricants, cleaners, coatings & more.  Steel drums are also used as over packing for critical & valuable contents that must not get damaged in transit.  Our drums protect mission-critical, military sub-assemblies for transportation around the world.  

Open head drums are available with a lever lock ring lid or bolt & nut ring lid.  Closed head drums (also called "tight head drums") offer two bung openings with fittings included - one 2" and one 3/4".  Drums are available with a corrosion-resistant epoxy lining for greater content compatibility or an unlined finish.   

Drums are available in sizes from 10 gallons to the industry's workhorse 55 gallon size.  We can custom order sizes up to 110 gallons, including Military Spec drums and 7A Type A Drums, approved for the shipping & storage of radioactive materials.