Boston Round Bottles

Boston Round bottles (also known as Winchester bottles) are a staple of the packaging industry and are known for their versatile applications. Freund carries a wide variety of closure options to customize these traditional bottles to fit your unique packaging needs. Modern uses for this bottle extend across most markets today.

Need lots of Boston Round glass bottles for your business? Freund has you covered with America's largest in-stock offering of Boston Round Glass Bottles - multiple truckloads in stock daily. We offer unbeatable pricing on wholesale and truckload pricing for volume buyers. And, we offer convenience and same day shipping for customers purchasing one or two cases.

Boston Round glass bottles offer unmatched shelf appeal and a versatility that extends across a variety of industries, including cosmetics, food flavorings, colorants & dyes, essential oils, fragrances, tonics, and e-juice vaping. From farmer’s markets to science labs, these iconic bottles will get it done. When it comes to the wholesale container needs of your business, Freund is a partner you can trust. We’ve been supplying Boston Round glass bottles and other glass containers for more than 75 years. Shop today and put our expertise to work for you!