Liquor Bottles

Our in-stock glass liquor bottles and plastic liquor bottles are perfect for storing alcohol, liquor & spirits.  Freund Container offers wholesale pricing on bulk quantities of glass flask bottles, plastic flask bottles, mixer bottles, glass moonshine bottles, plastic mini liquor bottles, 750 ml plastic mixer bottles, swing-top liquor bottles, nordic liquor bottles and many more empty bottles.

Our liquor container & packaging offering is very broad and deep!  We stock mini liquor bottle "cordials" (often served on airplanes during flight) in sizes as small as 50 ml.  Miniature glass liquor bottles are available in clear, miniature plastic liquor bottles are available in amber, clear & white - available with tamper-evident closures.  Large mixer bottles with a "pinch-grip" feature are available in 1500 ml.  Custom colors and shapes are available for volume buyers.  

We have been one of America's top suppliers of wholesale packaging & containers, including glass & plastic liquor containers since 1938!  Whether you’re bottling your homemade liquor, running a distillery, craft brewery, or your a bar keeper shopping for bar-top bottles, you can trust us to keep you stocked with high-quality bottles.  Glass bottles are sold in convenient re-shipper case-packs with internal dividers that protect each bottle.  Plastic bottles are sold by the each.  Both glass and plastic bottles are available with substantial discounts on wholesale bulk bottle purchases.  Be sure to visit our Deal Room to learn about our bulk buys.  And, be sure to check out our industry exclusive, ultra-high-definition custom label creator in your cart.