UN 4GV Hazmat Boxes

4GV boxes are a smart packaging choice for shipping liquids or solids by any mode of transportation.  These UN-certified boxes, also known as Variation Two boxes, are suitable for Packing Groups I, II and III liquids or solids. Made of 200# SW or 275# DW corrugated fiberboard, they have been designed, tested and certified in accordance with 49 CFR, ICAO, International Air Transport and IMDG/IMO requirements. They can also be used to ship items such as machine parts and batteries, making you compliant with ISTA Procedure 1A. To meet testing specifications, no more than the number of containers specified may be shipped in these boxes. 4GV boxes are a sure way for you to transport hazardous or delicate items safely and in compliance.  Boxes are shipped flat for easy storage.