Trigger Sprayers

Trigger Sprayers mate with spray bottles to provide a perfect dispensing solution for your liquids.  A cornerstone packaging component for household & automotive cleaning supplies.  Always reliable, Trigger Sprayers emit an even flow at all times to maximize dispensing efficiency.  We carry a wide variety of traditional In-Stock & Ready to Ship!

All plastic trigger sprayers are ideal for use with contents that might react adversely to stainless steel internals, as well as controlled environments that can't accept metal components such as prisons, FDA and USDA approved facilities.  Upside Down 360 degree trigger sprayers allow you to use the spray bottle in an inverted position - ideal for spraying beneath surfaces.    Chemical & solvent resistant trigger sprayers are in high demand by industrial & commercial users dispensing aggressive cleaners, solvents or any other liquid that might benefit from the durable synthetic rubber cup seal.  High output trigger sprayers dispense 4 times the liquid of standard sprayers, they're ideal for applications requiring a heavy dose or "soaking" of an area.  Foaming trigger sprayers dispense a thick, clinging foam perfect for cleaning to surfaces while you clean.  We inventory a myriad other trigger sprayers too.  Let us know if you can't find the sprayer you need - we'll put our sourcing expertise to work for you.

Looking for bottle and sprayer combinations? Sprayer Bottles with Trigger Sprayers Available Here.