Child-Resistant Caps

Child Resistant Packaging begins with a child-resistant caps tested to comply with CPSC - Child-Resistant Packaging requirements.  Combining these cap & lids with your container delivers added security to deter children from accessing pesticides, lawn and garden products, harsh cleaners, and more. Shop our variety of sizes and colors to keep your product consumer safe.

Freund proudly carries a variety of child-resistant lid & closure options.  Threaded, push-n-turn child-resistant caps are used in 70% of the child-resistant packaging on the market today.  Child resistant dropper caps have skyrocketed in popularity due to the e juice & vaping industry.  Child-resistant brush caps are relatively unique in that they combine the functionality of a built-in brush to apply your contents, along with a CPSC tested child-resistant lid.  Child-resistant over-caps for dropper packages are also available (dropper packages are typically used to hold eye drop solutions and feature a dropper fitment that remains inserted in the bottle opening; removing the over-cap provides access to the contents, rather than having a removable dropper - as is the case with a bulb-tip dropper cap).