Induction Sealers

Induction sealers allows you to insert a thin foil layer between your cap and container.  Induction sealing is a non-contact heating process that heats up a thin heat-sealable foil laminate on the cap's liner.  Our high-quality induction sealer is battle tested, yet one of the least expensive commercially available units on the market.   

Our induction sealer is compact, portable, powerful and incredibly small so it takes up very little space on your bench or work area.  Simply plug the system in a standard electrical wall outlet and it is ready to operate. Set your desired power level and the timer for the number of seconds your cap & container require for a secure seal.  Sealing your container is a snap too - simply place the sealing head on the container's cap and press the trigger on the handle of the sealing head.  Your sealer's timer counts down to zero as power is applied into the cap to form the seal - upon completion you hear an audio note.  Ensure seal quality on your first three containers for seal quality; adjust cap torque and sealer unit power and time until a secure seal is achieved.