Capping Tools


Freund Container & Supply carries a variety of capping tools to help you package and seal your products. We carry manual pneumatic cappers, perfect for roll-on pilfer proof caps (ROPP Caps) often used on wine and spirits bottles and handheld wine corkers for those who prefer a more traditional wine bottle closure. Our bench top beer bottle cappers are perfect for small breweries and home brewers alike. Once your bottle is capped, we carry industrial heat guns to secure your tamper-evident shrink bands.

For industrial users, we have manual plastic bucket closers, semi-automatic plastic bucket closers for UN compliant shipping and replacement capping chucks and jerry can wrenches. If you’re looking to secure your bucket with a lug type lid, we offer both manual lug bucket closers and semi-automatic bucket closers.

At Freund Container we can help you seal cans, bottles, and jars with ease.For filling options, please see our FunnelsCap Sizer & Liner Definitions. Please see our guide about Plastic Resins to determine if our cappers and capping tools are suitable for your application.