Spice & Sifter Caps

Plastic Spice Caps offer our basic selection of closure for your Spice Jar or Bottle. These caps are non-dispensing and provide you that subtle finishing touch needed. Caps are available in an array of colors and sizes to suit your need.  Creative uses for these caps extend well beyond spices: kitty liter, oil dri, rock salt, saw dust, sand, powdered carpet cleaner and a host of other applications.

Plain threaded, non-dispensing, basic spice jar over caps are intended for use on spice jars, bottles, and plastic containers with lids that use a sifter fitment. These basic threaded spice caps are available in white, red & black.  Sifter spice caps give you the ability to dispense ground spices with a simple shake.  Sifter caps are available in white, red, black, blue & green.  Spoon & sift spice caps provide users the choice of sifting or spooning out contents.  Spoon & sift spice caps are available in white, red & black.

Be sure to check out our entire line of spice jars if your looking for a complete spice jar package.  We offer glass spice jars and plastic spice jars in PET & polypropylene.  You'll find spice jars with grinder caps too.