Corks & Stoppers

Our wine corks, cork stoppers and tapered corks are constructed of natural cork material (unless specified).  Harvested from the from the bark tissue of the cork oak tree, this impermeable and buoyant material provides a liquid-tight seal ideal for applications that value the vintage sealing method.

Cork bottles stoppers became the default closure for wine bottling in the 17th century, so it's is one of the oldest bottle closures known to man.  Used for more than wine, corks have protected a bottle's precious contents for centuries - from wine, dried herbs, medicinal remedies, and every other conceivable product.  Today, not much has changed in the shape of corks or how they perform.  Yes, their shape and design is much more consistent, but they're very much the same. 

We offer traditional wine bottle corks, bar top stoppers and tapered corks.  Our handheld wine bottle corker allows corks to be inserted into wine bottles manually.