11 oz Fiber Caulk Tubes with Metal Plunger - BC602M

Item #: BC602M


Product Information

Metal Caulking Tube has a plastic plunger and a 3" long needle-nose spout. Cardboard Caulking Tubes have an aluminum foil liner and outer wrap, and a metal plunger. Plastic Grease Tube has a foil peel top and slip cover bottom. Cardboard Grease Tube has a plastic liner and an aluminum foil outer wrap, EZ-open pull ring top, and a plastic plug bottom. Caulking tubes and grease cartridges are not FDA compliant. All tubes come with the plunger. BC528PP & BC528MP are additional plungers available. Dip Tubes with an FDA approved foil liner are available, but have a 25,000 piece minimum. Please contact Customer Service for more information.