Ball 16 oz Blue Glass Collection Elite Color Series Jars (Silver Lid) - 6788B80

Item #: 6788B80


Product Information

Ball 16 oz Blue Glass Collection Elite Color Series Jars with Silver Vacuum Seal Lids

Made in the USA for the past 125 years, Ball Mason Jars capture your creativity. Perfect for sharing, these jars have a contemporary style that is ideal for creative preserving and storing. Elegant enough to take your flavored mustards, savory dressings, luscious chutneys and fruit-filled jams from the kitchen to the table, these uniquely shaped jars hold endless imagination. The Ball brand helps keep your creations fresh and beautiful! These Wide Mouth, pint sized jars are ideal for storing salsas, sauces, relishes and pie fillings. Freezer safe. Jars can withstand temperatures up to 250 F and feature graduation markings in ounces and cups.

Ball knows that when canning, a quality seal is necessary to preserve your food properly. They use a custom sealing compound to give the lid the quality seal their jars are known for. Each lid is treated with an underside coating so that natural acids in your food will not react with the lid. Jars include two-piece silver metal vacuum seal lids with bands.