9 oz Clear Glass Dodecagon Jar (Gold Lug Cap) - Bulk Pallet - 8033B05

Item #: 8033B05


Product Information

9 oz Clear Glass Dodecagon Jars with Gold Metal Lug Caps, Pallet

Clear Glass Dodecagon Jars are stylish containers, perfect for giving your jelly, jam, candy, mustard, or honey a fresh new look. These jars are not only perfect containers for food items, but also work well for health and beauty products such as bath salts. This twelve-sided jar is sure to stand out on the shelf. Sold by the case to prevent damage. These dodecagon jars have a lug finish. A lug finish consists of several tapered ridges designed to mate and require only a partial turn to seal the cap.  Jars include plastisol lined gold metal lug caps.

Bulk Pallet: Bottles are bulk packed on pallets so you are not paying for cartons and dividers, or labor to unpack the empty containers. Subject to availability. Pallet and truckload quantities may require additional lead time.