Aluminum Semi-Automatic Closers for 5 gal Pails - 7650T59

Item #: 7650T59


Product Information

Aluminum Semi-Automatic Closers for 5 gal Pails

The semi-automatic lug type closing tool is air operated with a two-hand control unit for operator safety. This aluminum alloy semi-automatic closer is intended for closing light gauge (26-28) pails when sparking is not a concern.

Setting Head Height

  1. Connect the air lines and set the air pressure at 15 PSI. The head will automatically raise.
  2. With the head in the raised position, raise and lower the air cylinder bracket so the pail can slide under the head with about ¾” clearance. 
  3. With a pail and lug cover under the head, disconnect air line, the head will lower onto the pail.
  4. Tighten the cylinder mounting bracket and set pail stop to pail.
  5. Connect the air line, raise air pressure to 80 psi and engage the two-hand control unit to start the crimping cycle.
  6. Normal operating pressure for steel lug covers is 80 – 100 psi depending on pail diameter and gauge of the pail and cover.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 28 days.