4 gal Yellow Bench Top Safety Cabinet - 6111S17

Item #: 6111S17


Product Information

Eagles FM-approved cabinets safely and securely store and organize flammables. Cabinets meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 specifications. Cabinets are yellow in color, feature 18-gauge double-wall construction, and a ground connection. The Wall-Mount Cabinet is just 12" deep, allowing it to easily fit above most work spaces, and it puts your storage at eye level. Includes three adjustable shelves. The Slim-Profile Cabinet is a real space saver at only 23" wide; it will fit in spaces conventional safety cabinets can't. Includes up to 3 adjustable shelves. Drum Cabinets allow you to keep 55-gallon drums close to your work space while safely and securely storing flammables. Choose from the standard Drum Cabinet, with comes with drum supports in the base, or a cabinet with rollers in the base for easier loading and unloading. Normally ships in 2-4 business days.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 10 days.