3ft x 5ft Wearwell ESD Anti-Fatigue Mats - 6004M12

Item #: 6004M12


Product Information

Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue mats are a bestseller for static control applications. Protects sensitive equipment while dramatically reducing standing fatigue. Extremely durable and features top of the line Nitricell sponge. Wearwell brand mats outlast and outperform competitors providing the best long-term value for ESD applications. Features: Nitricell sponge base delivers 2x the resilience and 3x the life of typical sponges. Diamond Plate surface pattern. Lay-flat design. 9/6 overall thickness. Grounding snap is attached to the corner of each mat. (NOTE: Mat must be grounded with a ground cord; workers must wear Heel Grounder or shoes with conductive soles.) ESD Rating: EOS/ESD S7.1: 3 x 10^4 to 5 x 10^5, RTG = 3 x 10^4 to 5 x 10^5 : conforms to IEC61340

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