53-485 Black PP Spoon & Sift Caps (Pressure Sensitive Liner) - 6024PSBLK

Item #: 6024PSBLK


Product Information

Dispense your product easily and conveniently - with no cap removal necessary. Our 53-485 Black Polypropylene Spoon and Sift Caps (also called a flapper cap) have a pressure sensitive liner. Simply screw the cap firmly onto the bottle, and the liner adheres forming a tight seal.  Seal adheres after 24-48 hours of continuous pressure.  The white liner is printed with "Sealed for Freshness" in black text. The cap's sift side has three sifter holes each 0.2" in diameter, while the spoon side opens for dispensing in larger quantities. Flapper lids open and close with an audible "snap".