5 gal White HDPE Plastic Open Head Lightweight Buckets

Item #: v1142T01


Product Information

5 gal White HDPE Plastic Open Head Lightweight Buckets

HDPE Plastic Buckets offer high performance from frozen to hot-filled, dry to liquid and industrial to consumer. Applications: Consumer food, Consumer non-food, Food service, Construction, Petroleum. (FDA-approved high-density polyethylene). Light-duty buckets have slightly thinner walls than our heavy-duty buckets, but they're strong enough for a wide variety of non-critical applications such as storage.

Is HDPE right for me?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a plastic material that is economical, impact resistant, and provides a good moisture barrier. HDPE is best known for its naturally translucent appearance and flexibility. It is compatible with a wide range of products including acid concentrates and some caustics, but is not compatible with solvents. The addition of color will make HDPE opaque, but not glossy. HDPE offers good protection at below freezing temperatures, but must not be used with products filled at over 180°F or products requiring a hermetic seal.