12 oz Amber Glass Heritage Beer Bottles (Gold Crown Cap w/ Liner) - 45012HER

Item #: 45012HER


Product Information

12 oz Amber Glass Heritage Beer Bottles with Pewter Crown Cap

Freund's heritage beer bottles are shorter than traditional 12 oz long neck bottles. These stout bottles lend a unique shape and style to your brew. The bottle features traditional amber glass construction that is typical of many popular beer bottles today. Dark amber or brown glass reduces the presence of UV light, a contributing factor of spoilage for craft beers using leaf hops, helping to prevent your beer from becoming light struck (also known as skunky or skunked beer). Our heritage bottles are compatible with crown cap pry-off closures. UVB resistant.

Caps Included

These heritage beer bottles include pewter colored metal crown caps (also known as crown corks or crown seals) with PVC liners.