8 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Cylinder Bottles (White Disc Top Cap) - 3560B53NAT

Item #: 3560B53NAT


Product Information

8 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Cylinder Bottles

Our 8 oz natural HDPE plastic cylinder bottles are versatile in function and used for a variety of applications including health and beauty products such as shampoos, conditioners and hairstyling products to household cleaners. These square shouldered bottles feature flat bases and stand up straight and tall, giving a striking silhouette. Bottles are flame treated, which makes label application easier.

Caps Included

The included white PP disc top caps make dispensing easy without ever having to open the cap! Simply push the indent found on top of cap and the orifice is exposed. Once dispensing is complete simply push orifice down to protect contents and prevent spilling.