10 oz Green PET Plastic Wide Mouth Packer Bottles (Black Screw Top Cap) - 3369B09GRN

Item #: 3369B09GRN


Product Information

10 oz Dark Amber PET Plastic Wide Mouth Packer Bottles with Black Screw Top Cap

Packer bottles, also known as pill bottles, vitamin bottles, or prescription bottles — are popular items seen on retail shelves everywhere. Featuring a convenient large opening, these pill bottles are designed to make filling or dispensing easy for nearly any application.

Includes a Black Ribbed Polypropylene Screw Cap with Liner

Black PP Cap is ribbed, making it easy to grip and open — even with wet hands. Cap includes a three–ply co — extruded liner consisting of foamed and solid LDPE (F217). Foam core is between two pieces of solid clear LDPE. Liner protects from odor transmission and does not impact the taste of products.