17 oz Black HDPE Plastic Kautex Advanced UN-Approved Leakproof Bottles (Red Tamper-Evident Cap) - 3234B11

Item #: 3234B11


Product Information

Kautex 17 oz Black HDPE Plastic Advanced UN-Approved Leakproof Bottles

A Freund Exclusive! These Kautex HDPE Plastic Narrow Neck Bottles are suitable for filling and transport of hazardous liquids. This black HDPE bottle includes a tamper-evident red polypropylene (PP) cap with a venting system and perforated Teflon seal. Tamper-evident caps allow you to easily and quickly detect compromised product and increase consumer confidence in the process. Bottles should be closed with a wrench to ensure the required torque is applied for proper performance. Wrench sold separately.

Note: Buyer is solely responsible for selecting the appropriate container for the specific application. Refer to I.A.T.A, I.C.A.O., 49 CFR, HM-181 regulations when shipping hazardous material.