Kautex 17 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Safe Grip Leakproof Bottles - 3202B07

Item #: 3202B07


Product Information

Kautex 17 oz Natural HDPE Plastic SafeGrip Bottles

A Freund Exclusive! The unique space-saving square design of these Kautex Narrow Neck SafeGrip Bottles offers safe and comfortable handling. The neck of this bottle series has been adapted to the standard glass closure DIN 32. Applications for Kautex SafeGrip HDPE bottles include: packaging, sending samples, mailing, storage, and transport.

Tamper-Evident Caps Included

The blue polypropylene (PP) tamper-evident caps allow you to easily and quickly detect compromised product and increase consumer confidence in the process.  Bottle includes a dust cap to avoid contamination before filling. Dispose of dust cap prior to capping.