32 oz HDPE Plastic EZ Pour Graduated Bottles with Tamper-Evident Cap

Item #: v4604B15


Product Information

32 oz HDPE Plastic EX-Pour EZ Pour Bottles with Tamper-Evident Caps

EZ-Pour bottles feature offset tapered necks which make for simple and precise pouring. Made with durable HDPE plastic, they provide impeccable function and storability. These bottles are commonly used to house motor oil, automotive products, agrochemical, and fertilizer concentrates. Graduated markings in 4oz and 100ml increments for easy measuring. Window view stripe lets you easily see the fluid level remaining. Not FDA approved. BPA Free. Label panel: 5.0" x 3.6" (suggested label size 4.5" x 3.0"). F217 foam lined PP caps included.