32 oz Unlined Tin-Plated Steel Open Top Cans (404 Lid) - Dry Pack - 3100T03

Item #: 3100T03


Product Information

All Open Top Cans have tin-plated exteriors. Cans come with a beaded-body for hot-filled applications and other uses that require you to pull a vacuum (except item #'s 3100T01 and 3100T03). All open top cans are furnished with standard lids, but Saferim Easy-Open Lids and Plastic Lids are available for an additional charge. Please contact customer service for details. Cans with plastic lids must be sealed first before they will work. Unlined Cans are for use with dry food & industrial applications. White Enamel & C-Enamel Cans are for use with wet or dry food applications. WARNING: All open top cans have sharp edges and should not be used without ends (metal lids).