3.5 ml Clear Plastic Mascara Tube with Brush & Wiper - 1122B76

Item #: 1122B76


Product Information

3.5 ml Clear Mascara Tube with Brush & Wiper

Our miniature clear mascara tube allows you to see when the tube is full to avoid over filling, and provides space for labeling the container with your unique brand.  The small size of this mascara tube and brush set is ideal for samples or travel.  The included mascara brush features a shiny silver cap with mascara wand and wiper, perfect for applying mascara or eye brow gel.  When the brush is inserted back into the tube for storage, the wiper prevents product from leaking out of the tube. Each set includes a clear PETG plastic mascara tube, silver PP plastic handle with PE plastic wand insert.  Brush bristles are constructed of nylon and aluminum.