Flipz 11 Dram Black PP Plastic Child-Resistant Pop-Top Jars - 2813B01BLK

Item #: 2813B01BLK


Product Information

Flipz 11 Dram Black PP Child-Resistant Pop-Top Jars

Offer only the best child-resistant cannabis packaging in your dispensary, co-op, or collective. These pop-top containers are made in the USA with FDA approved medical grade polypropylene. The air tight, moisture-proof material is UV resistant to help ensure the potency of your product. These child-resistant, squeezable top containers have pop open hinged lids that do not require twisting or pushing and will not fall off or get lost. These containers are also known as Flipz pharmacy medical containers because the rounded bottom edge prevents contents from getting trapped and caught in the usual sharp 90 degree angles of normal medical bottles. 2.30" outside diameter top, 1.85" outside diameter bottom, 1.42" height of outside.

How to Use: Displayed on the top of the cap are instructions for opening "squeeze sides below cap." An arrow directs users where to apply pressure. To open, squeeze the ribbed areas below the cap on both sides at the same time and the top will pop open. To close the container, push down on the hinged top until the lid is secure.

Recycled. ASTM D 3475 certification testing to CFR Title 16 Part 1700.20 and are certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.