Wesco Zinc Die Cast Self-Closing Drum Faucets Viscous - 272080

Item #: 272080


Product Information

Drum Faucets are the perfect tool when trying to extract the right amount of liquid from your drums. Simply push or pull the faucet handle to open flow, and then release to close flow; it's that quick and easy. The Zinc Die Cast Faucets are primarily used when extracting non-viscous liquids. These also feature a Viton gasket. The 272083 also comes with flame arrestor. The Stainless Steel Faucets are used to extract oils and nonflammables, compatible with stainless steel. The faucet is also equipped with a Teflon gasket and flame arrestor. All Faucets have a .75" NPT connection. All Faucets are FM Approved and faucets are sold by the case quantity only.

This product requires additional handling and should ship within 10 days.