Beckson UL Acid & Alkali Transfer Pumps w/6ft Discharge Hose - 236PF6-S

Item #: 236PF6-S


Product Information

Beckson UL Acid Pumps w/ 6 ft Discharge Hose

The Beckson 236 series of hand pumps eliminate the dangerous practice of lifting or tilting drums and carboys. The pumps are designed to safely transfer most acids and easily fit most drums or containers. The pump barrel and shaft are PVC, while the valves and patented seal are Viton. Includes a standard 2” IPS Bung adapter and 3 ft discharge hose. The pump transfers at a rate of 28 oz / stroke. 236PF SERIES UL LISTED for transferring Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) in concentrations up to 50 % maximum at 120 ° F maximum.