8 oz Clear PET Plastic Spice Jars (Black Spoon & Sift Cap) - 2310B45BLK

Item #: 2310B45BLK


Product Information

8 oz PET Spice Jar with Black Spoon & Sift Cap

Our 8 oz PET Spice Jar is an ideal container to house a variety of herbs and spices. This clear jar lets you see the contents inside.

Spoon & Sift Cap Included

The black Spoon & Sift spice cap, also known as a flapper cap, let you spoon out or sprinkle in just the right amount of flavor. Flapper lids open and close with an audible snap. The Spoon & Sift lid includes a heat foil liner. The white liner is printed with "Sealed for Freshness" in black text. The cap's sift side has three sifter holes each .2&quot in diameter, while the spoon side opens for dispensing in larger quantities.