200 ml Clear Glass Flask Bottles (Sample) - 3522B03-SAM

Item #: 3522B03-SAM


Product Information

200 ml Clear Glass Flask Bottles

Glass Flasks are known by a variety of names such as: Glass Canteen Bottles, Glass Hip Flasks, Glass Flaskets, and Crockett Bottles. But regardless of the name you use, the shape of these bottles is iconic and known for housing liquor and spirits. These bottles are not only ideal for carrying and transporting small amounts of alcohol, but modern uses for these bottles include trendy packaging for barbeque sauce, marinades, maple syrups and more! The compact, practical shape make applications for these bottles nearly endless. Bottles have a Kerr finish. Label Panel: 2 " to 3" W x 3" H. Please test label with bottle before production. Cap sold separately.