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4 G Packaging Systems For Paint Cans - 2-UN38

Item #: 2-UN38


Product Information

Hazardous Material Systems are suitable for shipping paints, solvents, and corrosives. Meets Hazardous Materials Classifications 3-9 (except 6) / Packaging Group II & III. Approved for Air, Ground, and Sea Shipments. All components of the Hazardous Materials package must be used (no substitutions) in order to comply with UN4G Hazardous Materials testing. Each UN 4G Haz Mat system includes: one - UN 4G corrugated box, two - 1 gallon epoxy lined steel paint cans, two - metal paint can lids, two - plastic overseals for paint cans, four - foam caps, two - 12"x18" flat poly bags, two - twist ties.