2 oz Clear PET Plastic Beverage Bottle (Natural Tamper-Evident Cap) - 3761B17

Item #: 3761B17


Product Information

2 oz Clear PET Plastic Beverage Bottle with Natural Tamper-Evident Cap

This single-serve 2 oz Energy Shot bottle is made with durable PET plastic and features a unique and space saving square shape. The crystal clear bottle allows you to see the product inside and features a classic round shape. This mini sized bottle is often used for energy drink shots, but can be used for a variety of products including sample sizes of cold pressed juice, dairy, or on-the-go marinades and sauces. Please test with your specific product to ensure proper performance. Suitable for cold press HPP (High Pressure Processing).

Caps Included

Bottles include natural colored HDPE Unlined Tamper-Evident Caps. Plastic bottles with Tamper-Evident Caps allow you to easily and quickly detect compromised product and increase consumer confidence in the process.