2.6 gal Natural HDPE Plastic UN Rated Jerry Cans (Screw Top Agrochemical Cap) - 3321B05

Item #: 3321B05


Product Information

Built for the Agrochemical industry these 2.6 gal. (10L) Natural UN-Approved Plastic Jerry Cans can also be used with chemical products with a high permeation rate, plant protection agents, fuels, fuel oil additives, oxygen sensitive media, paints, lacquers, solvents, food packing, and flavors. Each container is imprinted with the word "Agrochemical" or "Pesticide" in the shoulder. To ensure leakproof performance, bottles come with a heavy-duty induction seal lined surlyn cap. The cap top features a unique in-mold cutter making it easy to remove heat induction foil cap liners.

Note: Buyer is solely responsible for selecting the appropriate container for their application. Refer to I.A.T.A, I.C.A.O., 49 CFR, HM-181 regulations when shipping hazardous material.